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Centre Update
Our centre is working diligently to ensure that we remain available during this time of crisis. In response to the current pandemic, the CCC has shifted into providing intake and counselling services via telephone and video conferencing. We will also be reducing our hours as needed as we work to continue keeping our staff safe and services available. If you have any questions about these changes or the CCC please call us at the contact number below.



Individual therapy looks to provide you with the opportunity to explore personal struggles in a safe and validating environment. This exploration is done with the intention of increasing insight, understanding, and meaning around personal life challenges in order to work towards increasing overall quality of life. 



Couples counselling will give you an opportunity to explore your interactions, feelings, or thoughts that may be troubling you and your partner.  In exploring and understanding the patterns involved in a couple's attempt to connect with one another it will allow for the opportunity and space to shift these patterns towards a more fulfilling and connected relationship.  



Group therapy provides a unique opportunity to examine personal issues and learn from others in a collaborative environment. Groups differ in terms of organization and subject matter, from interpersonal processing groups to structured psychoeducation groups on topics such as depression and anxiety.



As a part of our mission to support not only our clients but to provide supportive training for our students we look to extend the learning to our fellow community members. In order to provide the space and opportunity for continued development in a continuously change field of practice. We are opening up training opportunities for all those involved.

About Us

The Community Counselling Centre (CCC) provides low cost counselling services to the community of Prince George. Since opening its doors in 2009, the CCC has provided high quality experiential learning to 102 graduate practicum students from the School of Education. These students have provided short-term and long-term counselling services to approximately 2500 clients from the Prince George community and surrounding area. 

Our Intention

The Community Counselling Centre upholds the principles of respect, integrity, equality, and dignity, in all areas of human engagement. Our goal is to train professionals to support the psychological, social, and physical well-being of individuals and families in communities through the offering of various supportive services. The Community Counselling Centre upholds these principles through offering appropriate supervision to graduate students as they train and work in the Centre. 

How to Connect

To access our counselling services please call our office and ask to book an intake appointment and identify if you are seeking individual, couples, and/or family counselling services. Our intake sessions at the CCC are a part of our training process. This means that at times students counselors will be accompanied by their supervisor in order to provide in the moment feedback and to ensure that you are receiving all the necessary information about our centre and our services. Our intake sessions are intended to gather information regarding your concerns to help guide the therapy process and to also determine if our services at the CCC fit your needs. In our dedication in supporting you, should our services not be a fit we will support you in connecting with other more suitable community resources.

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